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Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook
Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook

The world's funniest kid is back! Junie B. Jones is ecstatic about her new black furry mittens that Grampa Frank Miller bought for her - until someone steals them! Those rotten thieves. When she finds a cool pen on the school floor, her own sense of right and wrong is tested. Junie B. stars in this comical tale that promises a good laugh…and a great life lesson.

Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack and the Beanstalk

With great music and unexpected humor, Kathy Burks' troupe brings to life the age-old fairy tale of a young hero's extraordinary climb up a magical beanstalk to seek his fortune and save his family from ruin. Along the way, Jack encounters help from the Man in the Moon, a talking hen, a kindly servant, and a few other surprising characters. When he comes face to face with a fiendish giant, Jack must use his wits to escape the colossal villain's castle in the clouds. Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!

Fri 3/3/17 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 3/4/17 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/5/17 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/5/17 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 3/11/17 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/12/17 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/12/17 4:30PM Studio Theater
Tue 3/14/17 11:30AM Studio Theater
Wed 3/15/17 11:30AM Studio Theater
Fri 3/17/17 11:30AM Studio Theater
Sat 3/18/17 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 3/18/17 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/19/17 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/19/17 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 3/25/17 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 3/25/17 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/26/17 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/26/17 4:30PM Studio Theater

Tomas and the Library Lady
Tomas and the Library Lady

An inspiring true tale of how reading and stories help us all escape. This beautiful bilingual play follows the life of young Tomás and his family, who are migrant workers who move constantly to find new work picking farmers' crops. But one summer, Tomás visits a local public library and soon discovers worlds filled with dinosaurs and tigers - and a great new friend in the "Library Lady." While helping Tomás improve his English by reading many new and exciting stories, the librarian fosters his newfound interest in learning and teaches him the importance of a good education.

Fri 3/24/17 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 3/25/17 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 3/26/17 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 3/26/17 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 4/2/17 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 4/2/17 4:30PM Baker Theater

Fri 4/21/17 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 4/22/17 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 4/23/17 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 4/29/17 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 4/30/17 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 4/30/17 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 5/6/17 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 5/6/17 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 5/7/17 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 5/7/17 4:30PM Studio Theater

James and The Giant Peach
James and The Giant Peach

Young James Henry Trotter's resilience is tested when he is sent off to live with his mean aunts, Spiker and Sponge, after a chain of unfortunate incidents. Life is no fun at all there until he accidentally spills some tiny green things on a tree, and…voilà, a giant peach! When James and his new oversized friends - Grasshopper, Centipede, Ladybug, Earthworm, and Spider - snip the stem of the peach, the quest for happiness and great adventure lands them in New York City and at the center of attention. Of its premiere one reporter wrote, "Move heaven and earth to see this wonderful adaptation!"

Fri 5/5/17 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/6/17 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/7/17 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/7/17 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/13/17 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/14/17 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/14/17 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/20/17 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/20/17 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/21/17 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/21/17 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/27/17 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/27/17 4:30PM Baker Theater

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

The beautiful Zimbabwe-based Cinderella tale returns! An African villager named Mufaro has two daughters whom everyone agrees are beautiful. But, they have their differences. Manyara possesses a bad temper and is self-centered (but never in front of Mufaro); Nyasha is kind and considerate to people and to animals. When Mufaro learns that the King is in the process of meeting all of the most worthy and beautiful women in order to choose a wife, he decides that both of his daughters should go. Celebrate goodness, generosity, and love with traditional dancing, rhythmic drumming, and glorious African song. Based on the 1988 Caldecott Honor Award book.

Fri 6/23/17 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/24/17 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/24/17 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 6/25/17 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 6/25/17 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 7/1/17 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 7/1/17 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 7/8/17 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 7/9/17 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 7/9/17 4:30PM Baker Theater


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