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Our upcoming events are listed below:

Sat 4/28/18 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 4/29/18 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 4/29/18 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 5/5/18 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 5/6/18 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 5/6/18 4:30PM Studio Theater

See Kipling's original 1894 coming of age tale brought to the stage, and join Mowgli in learning the moral lessons of home, betrayal, life and death, and loyalty. Mowgli lives in the jungle surrounded by panthers, bears, wolves, snakes, and tigers. They are his protectors, and he believes he is one of them. When Mowgli comes face to face with a fearsome tiger, he is forced to choose between his bond with the jungle and the reality of his humanness. This classic story of the struggle for survival and a place that feels like home will have audiences on the edge of their seats.
Fri 5/4/18 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/5/18 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/6/18 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/6/18 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/12/18 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/13/18 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/13/18 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/19/18 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/19/18 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/20/18 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/20/18 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/26/18 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/26/18 4:30PM Baker Theater

Peter and the Starcatcher
Peter and the Starcatcher
Fri 5/18/18 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 5/19/18 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 5/20/18 1:30PM Studio Theater

How I Became A Pirate
How I Became A Pirate
Ahoy matey! It's time to sail off on a swashbuckling musical excursion with Jeremy Jacobs and his new pirate friends. On board the ship, Jeremy travels to new worlds while learning the rules of pirate life, and searches for a place to bury their treasure. But it isn't long before he misses his family and yearns for someone to tuck him in at night back home. A story of adventure and finding one’s own heart—a path that can’t be found on any map!
Fri 6/15/18 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/16/18 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/16/18 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 6/17/18 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/23/18 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/23/18 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 6/24/18 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/30/18 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/30/18 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 7/1/18 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 7/1/18 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 7/8/18 1:30PM Baker Theater

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland
Fri 7/27/18 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 7/28/18 7:30PM Baker Theater


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