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Fancy Nancy: The Musical
Fancy Nancy: The Musical

Take a trip to the tres irresistible world of the fanciest, funniest kid to ever take the stage.
Nancy's refined etiquette is not enough to get her the lead role in the upcoming school play. C'est la vie! She must summon the strength to forge ahead when a sudden turn of events casts her best friend as the lead. Every kid can relate to Nancy, with her boisterous attitude and tangled up feelings... Grown-ups will be equally dazzled while noting the (wink, wink) heart-warming lessons that we never outgrow. The Mermaid Ballet recital, complete with a scene-stealing dancing shark, will have your spirit dancing and your children hysterically happy.

Sat 10/10/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 10/10/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 10/11/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 10/11/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 10/17/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 10/18/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 10/18/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 10/24/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 10/24/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 10/25/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 10/25/15 4:30PM Baker Theater

The Ghosts of Sleepy Hollow
The Ghosts of Sleepy Hollow

You may have heard of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman, but Sleepy Hollow has so many more frightening secrets to show you and your teens. Travel deep into the haunting woods of Sleepy Hollow and nestle up to see why the terrifying tales of Washington Irving have been favorites for fireside spookfests for over a hundred years. The DCT Teen Scene Players bring this world premiere play about Irving's ghosts to life (err…death) as the Studio Theater is transformed into a wild, fun romp through a hair-raising nightmare that might just scare your head off!

Fri 10/16/15 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 10/17/15 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 10/18/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 10/18/15 4:30PM Studio Theater
Fri 10/23/15 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 10/24/15 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 10/25/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 10/25/15 4:30PM Studio Theater
Fri 10/30/15 7:30PM Studio Theater

Miracle on 34th Street
Miracle on 34th Street

Sometimes you go to a place so magical that you have to go back again the very next year! The beloved sell-out holiday spectacular is back again! See why audiences were smitten with DCT's jolly Kris Kringle who rescues a single working mother and her young daughter who have given up on Christmas. Even the hardest hearts will melt as the nostalgic film classic comes to colorful life with holiday music, humor and merry elves. Make this miracle a holiday tradition and see why everyone agrees that Santa Claus is alive and well on our stage!

Fri 11/20/15 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 11/21/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 11/22/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 11/22/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Fri 11/27/15 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 11/28/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 11/28/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 11/29/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 11/29/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 12/5/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 12/5/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 12/6/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 12/6/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 12/12/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 12/12/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 12/13/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 12/13/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Fri 12/18/15 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 12/19/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 12/19/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 12/20/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 12/20/15 4:30PM Baker Theater

Not A Creature Was Stirring
Not A Creature Was Stirring

Come along for an enchanting holiday fantasy hidden within the walls of a cozy farmhouse. On this Christmas Eve, the Mouse Family is jubilantly preparing for the holiday. Decorating, however, requires a harrowing journey to snag a branch from the farmer's Christmas tree and a frightening episode with the household cat! Journey with two adventurous mice as they make their way through a maze of pipes and passages and ultimately emerge to appreciate the safety and comfort of family. With a delightful showcase of various puppetry styles, this holiday story will give you and your little ones a memorable snuggle.

Fri 11/27/15 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 11/28/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 11/28/15 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 11/29/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 11/29/15 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 12/5/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 12/5/15 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 12/6/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 12/6/15 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 12/12/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 12/12/15 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 12/13/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 12/13/15 4:30PM Studio Theater
Fri 12/18/15 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 12/19/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 12/19/15 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 12/20/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 12/20/15 4:30PM Studio Theater
Tue 12/22/15 11:30AM Studio Theater
Wed 12/23/15 11:30AM Studio Theater


For its brand new 2015 production, Dallas's very own Lone Star Circus presents ZINGARI, a loving tribute to the old Gypsy roots of many circus families, replete with a cornucopia of talented acrobats, aerialists, equilibrists, jugglers, clowns and four-legged stars from all over the world, who will celebrate the holiday season in an amazing, awe-inspiring and fun-filled spectacular guaranteed to charm, amuse and entertain everyone - from 5 to 105!

Sat 12/26/15 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 12/27/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 12/27/15 5:30PM Baker Theater
Wed 12/30/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Thu 12/31/15 7:30PM Baker Theater
Fri 1/1/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Fri 1/1/16 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 1/2/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 1/2/16 5:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 1/3/16 1:30PM Baker Theater

A Year With Frog And Toad
A Year With Frog And Toad

The three-time TONY-nominated Broadway hit with its jazzy score hops to DCT just in time for spring. This whimsical musical follows two unlikely best friends and their quirky egos from hibernation to planting, to swimming, to sledding with plenty of fun and lots to learn along the way. This adorably charming story captivates audiences of all ages - even those who think they're too old for make-believe. Join Frog and Toad as they weather the seasons and celebrate the differences that make them special. You and your best friends will be tapping your webbed toes all the way home!

Fri 1/29/16 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 1/30/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 1/31/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 1/31/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 2/6/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 2/7/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 2/13/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 2/13/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 2/14/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 2/14/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 2/21/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 2/21/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 2/27/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 2/28/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 2/28/16 4:30PM Baker Theater

dont u luv me
dont u luv me

Witness how tiny missteps in what seems like an ideal romance can quickly escalate into aggression and violence and ensnare its victims with paralyzing fear. dont u luv me? has been celebrated for not shying away from the devastating consequences of dating violence while encouraging teens to make wise choices and empowering adults to provide them with useful tools. Brace yourself for this challenging journey of teens and the influential adults in their life. An Advisory Council made up of individuals from respected social service organizations will be on-hand for support and conversation after each performance.

Fri 2/12/16 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 2/13/16 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 2/14/16 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 2/14/16 4:30PM Studio Theater
Fri 2/19/16 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 2/20/16 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 2/21/16 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 2/21/16 4:30PM Studio Theater

Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and Gretel

You don't always need a prince and princess for your heroes to live happily ever after. Two children in search of food for their hungry family get lost in an enchanted forest. They must depend on all their powers of imagination to save them from the crafty, mysterious old woman in the candy house and (in this less "grim" version) lead them back to the loving arms of their parents. The familiar, melodic music of Engelbert Humperdinck brings an inventive theatricality to the retelling of this beloved fairy tale ad-venture. Hansel and Gretel brings another feast for the eyes and ears to the stage from Kathy Burks' Master Puppeteers.

Fri 3/4/16 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 3/5/16 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 3/5/16 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/6/16 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/6/16 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 3/12/16 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/13/16 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/13/16 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 3/19/16 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 3/19/16 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/20/16 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/20/16 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 4/2/16 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 4/2/16 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 4/3/16 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 4/3/16 4:30PM Studio Theater

The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane
The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane

The award winning author of "Because of Winn Dixie" and "The National Ambassador for Young" People's Literature launches the extraordinary pilgrimage of Edward, a beautiful, much-loved toy rabbit who loves only himself. When he is ripped from the arms of his doting young owner and lost, Edward finds that his breakable heart can learn to love, lose, and love again. This stunning, highly theatrical play became an immediate must-see hit following its premiere and is sure to go down in history as a family classic with your family being among its first audiences. Trust us, you'll be sorry if you miss this one.

Fri 3/18/16 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 3/19/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 3/19/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 3/20/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 3/20/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 4/2/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 4/3/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 4/3/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 4/9/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 4/10/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 4/10/16 4:30PM Baker Theater

The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)
The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)

In the much beloved tradition of Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), we join two misfits on an unforgettable odyssey. For a young orphan "human bean", the sight of a giant outside her window is terrifying, and she fears for her life when he whisks her away to an enchanted land. This Big Friendly Giant is not like other giants, however. The job of this larger-than-life vegetarian is to blow magical dreams into children's bedrooms, and together they embark on a quest to save England from the "gizzard-gulping" giants who don't have the BFG's tender heart. The cheeky BFG ultimately shows that heroes can come in all sizes.

Fri 4/29/16 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 4/30/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 4/30/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/1/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/1/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/7/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/8/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/8/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/15/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/15/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/21/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/21/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/22/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/22/16 4:30PM Baker Theater

Pinkalicious, The Musical
Pinkalicious, The Musical
Pink-A-Boo! DCT audiences were tickled…that's right - PINK the last time PINKALICIOUS was on our stage, so we're bringing her back in this exhilarating musical! When Pinkalicious doesn't heed her parents' warnings and indulges in too many pink goodies, she has to make some healthy choices to fight off a bad case of Pinkititis. PINKALICIOUS will finally eat a little green, her little brother will no longer be blue, and all kids will learn to show their true colors! The popular book pops off the stage in this high-energy musical treat that kids will love even more than pink cupcakes!

Fri 6/17/16 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/18/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/18/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 6/19/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 6/19/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Fri 6/24/16 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/25/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/25/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 6/26/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 6/26/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 7/2/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 7/3/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 7/3/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 7/9/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 7/9/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 7/10/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 7/10/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 7/16/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 7/16/16 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 7/17/16 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 7/17/16 4:30PM Baker Theater


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