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Miracle on 34th Street
Miracle on 34th Street
Based on the beloved film and novel, this is a nostalgic holiday treat for the whole family! A single mother and her young daughter, Susan, have given up on Christmas... until they meet a mysterious gentleman at Macy’s claiming to be Santa Claus. This jolly Kris Kringle brings them hope and unleashes waves of goodwill throughout New York City. Could he be the real Santa Claus?
Sun 12/21/14 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 12/21/14 4:30PM Baker Theater

Frosty & Friends
Frosty & Friends
Join Frosty, Santa, and their friends for an all-new revue that blends a variety of musical and puppetry styles. In the magical world of Kathy Burks’ celebrated troupe, ornaments spring to life and dance along to carols, kittens frolic under the Christmas tree, and angels dance in the snow. Celebrate the spirit of the season!
Sun 12/21/14 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 12/21/14 4:30PM Studio Theater

Oh là là!
Oh là là!
Enjoyed by all ages Back by popular demand! Ring in the New Year with an unforgettable circus extravaganza featuring an international cast of acrobats, aerialists, hand balancers, jugglers, clowns, and more. Produced by the award-winning Lone Star Circus, this sensational and joyous circus spectacular is a holiday tradition enjoyed by the whole family. Believe in the Unbelievable

Sat 12/27/14 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 12/28/14 2:00PM Baker Theater
Sun 12/28/14 5:30PM Baker Theater
Wed 12/31/14 5:30PM Baker Theater
Thu 1/1/15 2:00PM Baker Theater
Thu 1/1/15 5:30PM Baker Theater
Fri 1/2/15 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 1/3/15 2:00PM Baker Theater
Sat 1/3/15 5:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 1/4/15 2:00PM Baker Theater
Sun 1/4/15 5:30PM Baker Theater

SkippyJon Jones
SkippyJon Jones
Be among the first audiences to enjoy this brand new musical adaptation of Judy Schachner’s beloved book! Skippyjon Jones is a rambunctious Siamese kitten with big ears and an even bigger imagination. When his loving but exasperated mother puts Skippyjon in time-out, he starts to daydream. His imagination takes him far, far away to Mexico, where he pretends that he is a swashbuckling Chihuahua named Skippito Friskito. This silly, sweet tale celebrates the power of imagination. As Skippyjon would say... mucho fun!
Fri 1/23/15 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 1/24/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 1/25/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 1/25/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 1/31/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 1/31/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 2/1/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 2/7/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 2/7/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 2/8/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 2/8/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 2/14/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 2/14/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 2/15/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 2/15/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 2/21/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 2/22/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 2/22/15 4:30PM Baker Theater

Teen Brain!  A New Musical
Teen Brain! A New Musical

This energetic musical follows a day in the life of eight young people as they navigate the rough waters of high school. With fast-paced, witty dialogue and original songs like “Like Me, Like Me,” an ode to social media, and “When I Was Small,” a winsome reflection of the simplicity of childhood, DCT resident playwright Linda Daugherty and composer Nick Martin capture the complexities of the modern adolescent experience. An honest, powerful look at the inner workings of the mysterious teenage brain.

Fri 2/20/15 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 2/21/15 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 2/22/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 2/22/15 4:30PM Studio Theater
Fri 2/27/15 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 2/28/15 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/1/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 3/1/15 4:30PM Studio Theater

The Tale of Peter Rabbit
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Back by popular demand! The musical adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s beloved rabbit tale lavishly blends puppetry and live acting on the Baker Theater’s stage. Peter Rabbit’s mother warned her children not to go into Mr. McGregor’s garden, lest they get baked into a pie like their father. When she leaves the burrow, curiosity gets the best of little Peter, and he visits the garden. Will he escape the fate of his father and find the way back to the safety and warmth of his home? Fall in love again with this cozy tale of everyone’s favorite naughty bunny.
Fri 3/13/15 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 3/14/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 3/14/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 3/15/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 3/15/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 3/21/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 3/21/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 3/22/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 3/22/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 3/28/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 3/28/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 3/29/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 3/29/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 4/4/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 4/5/15 1:30PM Baker Theater

Our youngest audiences will enjoy this award-winning story of a lonely old man (played by DCT’s own Karl Schaeffer) and his friendship with a balloon. The old man is set in his solitary ways until a red balloon blows through his window and insists on becoming his friend. Sweet, inventive and packed with physical comedy, this play shows how, with a little imagination and acceptance, companionship is everywhere.

Fri 4/10/15 7:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 4/11/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 4/11/15 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 4/12/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 4/12/15 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 4/18/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sat 4/18/15 4:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 4/19/15 1:30PM Studio Theater
Sun 4/19/15 4:30PM Studio Theater

Jackie & Me
Jackie & Me
Like many other 10-year-old boys, Joey Stoshak is crazy about baseball. Unlike his peers, Joey has a knack for time travel. When Joey is assigned to write a report on an African American hero, he uses his special ability to go to 1947 Brooklyn and meet Jackie Robinson. When his trip back in time unexpectedly changes the color of Joey’s skin, he is forced to face harsh truths about prejudice and discrimination. Adapted from the popular series of young adult novels by Dan Gutman, this powerful play explores what Jackie Robinson can teach us about the true nature of heroism.
Fri 5/1/15 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/2/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/3/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/3/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/9/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/9/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/10/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/10/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 5/16/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/17/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 5/17/15 4:30PM Baker Theater

The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley
The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley
DCT’s National Tour production is back from a whirlwind musical travelogue across the United States! Stanley is a normal 10-year-old boy—too normal, if you ask him. His wish for adventure is granted when a bulletin board flattens Stanley, enabling him to mail himself all around the world! Stanley—the ultimate exchange student—scours the globe, visiting Paris, Los Angeles, Hawaii, and more! In this heartwarming musical adventure, Stanley learns that there is no place like home.
Fri 6/19/15 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/20/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/20/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 6/21/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 6/21/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Fri 6/26/15 7:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 6/27/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 6/28/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 6/28/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 7/11/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sat 7/11/15 4:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 7/12/15 1:30PM Baker Theater
Sun 7/12/15 4:30PM Baker Theater


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